Women Day Quotes Messages and Wishing Cards

Everyday is a beautiful day to encouraging and celebrating the wonderful or amazing women which play a important role in your life but international women day provide a special cause to do this. 8 March on every year a holiday is celebrated in the name of woman international day for women encouragement, awareness, achievement and their equality. First time the woman international holiday is celebrated on early 1900 while In 1909 first national woman day was celebrated. On 8 March, an international holiday is dedicated to the woman who play a important character in the field of economic, social, political culture, science, engineering and agriculture. It is necessary to make awareness among people in the topic of woman equality and woman empowerment through social media, messages, quotes and WhatsApp status.

“Your mother is your first lover, your first friend and forever friend”

“The first person who influence the your child life is mother”

“The first role model of a baby is mother from which he learned words”

“A mother grip the hands of their baby for a short time but keep their hearts for long time”

“The only mother in whole world who care of their babies and did not take rewards”

“Mother is a person in the universe who can take the place of everyone but no one can take their place”

“Mother is a first person who influence the life of of a child which is beyond the limit of calculation”

“You may discover the real love in this universe when you see the mother eyes”

“A person can never realize mother love how it powerful for his success”

“All types of love begins and come to ends but mother love never end”

“God made mothers because he could not be everyplace”

“The word mother is in abbreviation of:

M stand for million things which she give me,

O standard she growing old,

T Stand for which she shed for saving me,

H Stand for purest form of heart,

E stand for her shining or love eyes,

and R stand for she always be right”

‘Women’s Day’

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Akmal Ameer Gohar

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