Pakistan Day Wallpapers and Wishes Messages for 23 March

“The advancement is being looked in every field of life and you have to participate in this process of advancement. Are you ready to take the responsibility of tomorrow? Are you trying to build yours capabilities? Are you sufficient skilled? If no, then go and ready yourself because it is the time to ready yourself to future responsibilities.”
‘Happy 23rd march’

“Now The education become the matter of lives or death for our nation. The universe is growing fast, if you don’t develop yourself then you will be not only entirely behind all the nations but you will be finished.”
“Happy Resolution day’

“Our responsibility to the our country comes 1st, then our responsibility to ourselves, village, town, district and province comes next.”
‘Happy Pakistan day’

“Nations who have the spirit of sacrifice and love for their state, find the respectable place in the history of world.”
‘Happy Yaum-e-Pakistan’

“It is necessary before choosing your leader think carefully and when you have chosen him then follow his directions but if you find him against your benefit, kick him out.”
‘Happy Yaum-e-Pakistan’

“We as a nation, thanks to our founder of Pakistan who give us a separate Homeland in which we free to breathe. May God rest his soul in peace Ameen!”
‘Happy 23rd march’

“Selfless devotion, Faith and Discipline are the main thing of Muslims for doing their duties.”
‘Happy Pakistan day’

“Pakistan does not only means of Independence or freedom but the ideology of Muslims to be protected which has come to us as a valuable treasure or gift, so we expect that other will share with us.”
‘Happy 23rd march

“Bribery and corruption are like a horrible disease and poison which require to put down from the beginning.”
“May Allah live long life to Pakistan and its Residents”
‘Happy Pakistan day’

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Akmal Ameer Gohar

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