Lahore | Most Beautiful, Traditional City of Punjab, Pakistan

Lahore is the Capital of Punjab and one of the best for Tourism in Pakistan. The city is thousands of years old and the biggest Punjabi city in the World. Lahore is known as the Cultural Heart of Pakistan۔ This city in known as its Civilization, Culture, Liveliness، Traditions and hospitality in all over the world. There are many opportunities of Tourism in Lahore, If you are the student of History, you can see the Buildings that are dating back thousands of years. If you like areas full of colorful flowers, there are many parks for you، Anyway Lahore is called the city of gardens. If you are interested in food then you can enjoy traditional food from all over Pakistan only by staying in Lahore. But you will not be able to see all this in one day, so you will have to stay in Lahore for a few days. You can visit Lahore all year round but October to March is the best season for tourism. However, Lahore is the second best tourism place in Pakistan.

The most effective for the tourists of nowadays is “Sightseeing Double Decker Bus Service” in which the tourists see the most beautiful areas of Lahore. The service of Metro Bus and Orange line Metro Train help for the travel in Lahore.

Akmal Ameer Gohar

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