Holi Images Wishes Cards and Quotes for all

“I pray to God that he may give you the color of happiness, joy friendship, life and all those colors which you want from a long time.”
‘Happy colorful Holi’

“I send you the colors, yellow for wisdom, pink for friendship, Green for New development and Red love and affection. May these colors bring happiness for you.”
‘Happy Holi’

“May your evils and bad deeds will burn in the fire of Holika.”
‘Happy Holi’

“Enjoy each color of Holi and you may get happiness with every color of life.”
‘Happy colors day to my sister’

“Holi is the occasion which strengthen the friendship, affection and love.”
‘Happy Holi to friends’

“Like the colors of Holi, may your life become colorful.”
‘Happy Holi colors’

“The event of Holi spread the message of love, peace, success and happiness.”
‘Happy colors of Holi’

“My favorite color is red which show love. I send you this color as gift of Holi.”
‘Happy Holi to Friend’

“Happy Holi is the event to develop the understanding of affection and love with one another.”
‘Happy Holi’

“Happy colors to you, your relatives and your family with prosperity, health, success, happiness and business achievement.”
‘Happy Holi to Family’

“I wish a happy Holi to my son, daughter, brother, auntie, uncle, parents, my students, teacher and everyone who is near and dear for me.”
‘Happy Holi’

“On this occasion of Holi, may the color of sadness and worries go away from you and replace with the color of happiness and joy.”
‘Happy festival of Friendship’

“In this world, the beauty of everything started with colors, without colors life can be boring.”
‘Happy Holi colors’

“In your life, may everyday is full with the color of happiness and joy like the festival of Holi.”
‘Happy Holi’

“On the Holi festival, forget every person, forget worries and forget haters who want to degrade you and start new life.”
‘Happy Colorful Holi’

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