Heart Disease, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Treatments

The term heart disease associate with various kind of heart condition. Therefore, coronary artery disease is the most common kind of heart disease in America which effect the flow of blood to the heart. With the decreasing of blood flow could be a reason of heart attack. According to the research of centre for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) in America, heart disease is a major reason of death. In America, 1 in every 4 persons, die due to the disease of heart. Almost 610000 people died due to heart disease. In the population of black people, Hispanics people and white people there is a leading reason of death.

The disease of the heart narrates a range of different condition which effect your heart. In disease of heart includes: rhythm problems of heart, disease of blood vessel, like as coronary artery, infection of heart, valve disease of heart and heart muscle disease.

Like cancer, cardiovascular disease also a group of diseases.

Strokes and heart attacks are usually acute and mainly reason by a blockage which revokes blood from flowing to the brain or heart. The cause of stroke can also be reason by bleeding from a blood clots or a blood vessel in brain. Strokes and heart attacks, I couldn’t do too combination of various risk factors like unhealthy diet, tobacco use, obesity, alcohol, physical inactivity, diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and hypertension.

Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease:

According to the type of heart disease the symptoms or signs also may change, it depends on what kind of heart disease you have.

Heart Disease Signs in Your Blood Vessels:

In your arteries the fatty plaques are buildup which can harm your heart and blood vessels and it may cause of blocked or narrowed blood vessels which can lead to chest pain, stroke or heart attack.

In the disease of coronary arteries signs may be distinct for men and women. Therefore, for women signs are extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, chest discomfort and nausea. For men may be a sign of chest pain. These symptoms could be included: chest tightness, chest discomfort, shortness of breath, chest pain, numbness, chest pressure, coldness or weakness in your arms or legs, pain in throat, Jaw, neck, upper abdomen or back.
Disease of coronary artery may not be diagnose until you have a stroke, heart failure angina or heart attack. With the indication of these symptoms it is necessary to discuss with your doctor may be the disease of cardiovascular found earlier with regular evaluations.

Signs of Heart Disease Due to Abnormal Heartbeat:

Your heart may be beat irregularly, too slowly or quickly. Following are the major symptoms of heart arrhythmia. Shortness of breath, fluttering in your chest pain or discomfort, slow heartbeat, fainting or near fainting, racing heartbeat and lightheadedness.

Symptoms of Heart Disease due to Heart Muscle:

There are no symptoms of heart disease in cardiomyopathy early stages.

Following are the common signs of cardiomyopathy: fatigue, swelling of feet ankles and legs, fainting lightheadedness, breathlessness at rest or with activity, irregular heartbeat which feel pounding, fluttering and rapid.

Symptoms of Heart Disease due to Heart Defects:

When you are born there are some serious heart defects (congenital defects of heart) diagnosed soon after birth.

Symptoms of Heart Defects in Children are included:

Blue skin or pale grey colour, swelling in legs, abdomen, shortness of breath in feeding time and an infant. There are some symptoms which are not immediately threatening of life includes: Swelling in feet ankles or hands, at the time of activity or exercise easily tired and in exercise shortness of breath.

Symptoms of Heart Disease due to Heart Infection

In this type of disease, an infection occurs in the inner lining of heart valves and chambers. This infection is also called endocarditis. Following are the sign or symptoms of heart infection:

Shortness of breath, fever, unusual spots or skin rashes, swelling in your abdomen are legs, changes in rhythm of your heart and fatigue or weakness.

Symptoms of Heart Disease due to Problems in Heart Valves

In human heart there are four valves mitral, pulmonary, tricuspid and aortic open and close directing the flow of blood through your heart. There are various things that can damage your heart valves leaking, improper closing or leading to narrowing. Symptoms are changed according to the problem of heart valve, signs included: chest pain, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, fainting, swelling in feet, ankles or legs and Fatigue.

Causes of heart disease

According to the type of heart disease causes are also may change. It is necessary to understand that how the heart works before understanding the heart disease causes.

Coronary Artery heart disease cause that the most common reason of coronary artery of heart disease a fatty plaque is buildup in your arteries. In this type of disease following are the causes, such as smoking lack of exercise, poor diet and being overweight which can lead to the disease of coronary artery.

Arrhythmia Heart Disease Causes

Some of the following are the common conditions or causes of arrhythmia such as diabetes stress, high blood pressure, smoking, drug abuse, extra use of caffeine or alcohol, Some over the counter, prescription of medications, herbal remedies and dietary supplements.

Congenital Heart Defects Disease Causes

Congenital defects of heart occurs when the baby in womb. The defects of heart can develop with the developing or growing of heart, changing blood flow in hear or a month after the constipation. Some medical conditions play a main role in causing defects of heart such as genes or medications.

Mostly heart defects may develop in adult, with the changing of Your age the heart structure change which can cause defects of heart. Heart infection disease causes this infection occurs when Some germs reach to your muscles of heart, like as endocarditis. Following are the common reasons of heart infection: viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Valvular Heart Disease Causes

There are various things which can cause the disease of heart valves. Sometime valvular disease of heart occurs by birth. Valves of heart may be distract following conditions: infection, rheumatic fever and disorders of connective tissue.

Cardiomyopathy Heart Disease Causes

This heart disease occurs due to an enlarging or thickening of the heart muscles. It may depend on the following kinds:

 Dilated Cardiomyopathy

In this type of disease cause the left ventricle to enlarge. Dilated Cardiomyopathy disease of heart may be caused by decreasing the flow of blood to heart which is damage after heart attack toxins infection and certain medicines That are used for treat cancer. Sometimes these diseases may be genetic from a parent.

 Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy:

This kind of disease occur over time due to aging or high blood pressure and it may also be passed by family genetics.

 Restrictive cardiomyopathy:

This kind of disease cause the muscles of heart to become less elastic and read The muscles of heart to become less elastic and rigid, and developed for unknown causes. or it occurs due to buildup of irregular proteins or tissue disorders.

Risk Factors of Heart Disease

Following are the major risk factors which can cause of heart disease:

 Age: As a person become older, it may enhance the risk of narrowing and damaged arteries and thickened or weakened heart muscles.

 Sex: There is greater chance of heart disease in men rather than women. The chance of heart disease also may increase in women after menopause.

Family history: In family history the risk of coronary arteries disease may increase due to history of family heart disease, includes: before 55 years age for male relative such as your father and brothers and before 55 years age for female relative such as your sisters and mother.

Smoking: Smoking carbon monoxide can destruct the inner lining of heart and nicotine narrowing your blood vessels that can more susceptible to atherosclerosis. In smokers heart attacks is are more common than non-smoker.

Diet: The diet in which high quantity of sugar fat cholesterol and salt are assisting to the development of heart diseases.

 High blood pressure: High blood pressure can cause heart disease due to narrowing vessels, thickening or hardening of your arteries by which blood flow.

 High cholesterol level of blood: High level of cholesterol in your blood is the leading cause of heart attack due to low flow of blood. It also may increase the risk of atherosclerosis and plaque formation.

Diabetes: Diabetes is similar to high blood pressure and obesity which may increase the chance of heart diseases.

 Physical inactivity: There are many diseases occurs due to lack of exercise such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Dental health conditions: It is necessary to floss and brush your teeth and regular dental checkup by your doctor which may save you from heart diseases. If your gums and teeth are not healthy, germs are entered into blood stream and move to heart, causing endocarditis.

Preventions of Heart Disease

 Some types of heart diseases cannot be prevented such as heart defects. Therefore, it is need to change some lifestyles which can improve your disease of heart and also help you to prevent them, included:

Manage and reduce stress, do not smoke, eat some diet which have low quantity of salt and saturated fat, control other type of health causes like as high level of cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes, 30 minutes exercise daily and make good hygiene practice.

Treatments of Heart Diseases

The treatment of heart disease depends on its types, severity and conditions, e.g., coronary artery heart disease can be treated by medication or changing lifestyle. Your doctor may choose a treatment plan which is best according to your heart disease.

Generally, there are three types of treatment of heart disease included: changes in lifestyle, medicine and surgery.

 Changes in Lifestyle

It is almost a first treatment to manage the disease of heart. In modification of lifestyle includes Almost 30 minutes exercise in a day, use diet which have low fat and low salt quantity, Limiting or stop alcohol and quit smoking.


When the level of heart disease is across to the lifestyle changes Then your doctor may choose medicine for treatment. Medicine will depend on the type of heart disease kinds, severity and conditions.

Following are the main drugs or medicines which are used for the treatment of heart disease, included:


 Anticoagulants Which reduce the blood clotting ability, are used to handle heart, conditions of heart rhythm and blood vessels. These types of medicines are helpful to revoke Dangerous blood clotting which occurs in blood vessels or heart and later on causing serious diseases.

 Angiotensin-Coverting Anzyme (ACE)

Obstacles increase vessels of blood and reduce resistance immunity my lowering hormones level which Regulate blood pressure, permit flow of blood through the body.


diuretics known by water pills, it released the excess salt or fluids through urination Which helps in decreasing the heart workload. diuretics may reduce the backup of fluent in different parts of body.


The surgery is used for the treatment of heart disease If medicine’s and changes in lifestyle are not enough. Surgery depends on What part of heart is damaged? or what kind of heart disease you have? Your doctor may diagnose which procedures is better for the treatment.

Bypass surgery

In this type of treatment blocked veins and arteries are removed, exchanged with others veins and arteries from the body parts. By using these veins and arteries reroute blood around these arteries and improve flow of blood to the heart.

Heart transplant

In this method of treatment, a disease heart is removed and replace with the healthy heart from a donor of organ. It is used in most dangerous situation when a heart is too much damage.


 Angioplasty Is a treatment in which blood vessels are open which supply blood to heart muscles. Mostly, doctors perform this method of treatment in case of heart attack These vessels of blood are known by coronary arteries. After a heart attack, within first hour the angioplasty may reduced many risk or complications.

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