Happy Holi Festival Wallpapers Wishes and Messages

The festival of Holi is one of the largest occasion in India which is celebrated in the month of spring or March in each year. In this festival people may gathered to forget worse feeling against one and other. The festival of love is lasted for 2 days which is started in the month of Falgun on full Moon day. On first day of the occasion bonfire of Holika is lit and on second day people may play with colors of Holi. This festival is not only celebrated in India but it spread to many other countries.

“The occasion of Holi give a day that express love and affection in colors.”
‘Happy colorful Holi’

“May your life is always full with colors of happiness and love which remain forever.”
‘Happy Holi’

“Let’s play with colors of Holi to share affection and love with each other.”
‘Happy Holy my love’

“Holi give a special occasion one’s in every year to remember the person’s who are closely to your heartbeat.”
‘Happy Holi wishes’

“I pray to the God, May he give you the colors of friendship, joy, happiness, love and life.”
‘Happy colors of love’

“May happy Holi colors remain forever in your life forever Joyfulness, success, peace and happiness.”
‘Happy event of holy’

“It is a time to burn depressing, evils and sadness in bonfire of Holika and welcome the new pleasure in life.”
‘Happy Holika fire’

“The relationship never die, if the person’s care the feelings of each other’s.”
Happy Holi to Friends

“The occasion of Holi provide a moment to celebrate love feelings together. So, it’s time to save these memories forever.”
‘Happy Holi to family’

“It’s time to the renew relationship of love and splashing colors in the air. May your love remain forever like the colors of Holi.”
‘Happy Holi colors to my love’

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