Happy Easter Sunday Wishes Ecards and Quotes

According to Christianity, Easter Sunday is the major religious feast in the world. Religious feast also known as moveable feast which includes Good Friday Easter, Sunday and Palm Sunday. The date of these festivals is not fixed, the date may change every year according to seasons and sun cycle, therefore, it is called moveable feast.
This great festival is commemorate in the month of full moon of spring. The Christian celebrate Christmas in the birth or memory of Jesus Christ while Easter Sunday is commemorate for the resurrection or death of Jesus Christ.

The traditions of Easter may include, lightning outside the church morning of Sunday and an Easter vigil. Some others rituals are decorated and painted eggs are distributed among the children which are filled with sweets and chocolates, chanting the proclamation of Easter, wishing Easter Sunday, singing hymns and studying old testimony, these are the major celebrations of Easter Sunday.

In Christians, Easter eggs and Easter bunnies become the part of this festival all over the world. The Bunnies of Easter May include: decorated eggs, brings gifts which are present to the children on the night earlier commemoration. Firstly, decorated chicken eggs are used for the event of Easter black indicator chicken eggs are replaced with plastic eggs or chocolate eggs.

“The revival of the candle is same as existence of the soul”
‘Happy Easter Sunday’

“We commemorate the Jesus Christ resurrection when it’s brightness finished the black women of our life.”
Easter Sunday

“May this Easter bring happiness, joy and peace in your life.”
‘Happy Easter Sunday’

“I have truly trust that Lord is loved, grace, inspiration deep affection and forgiveness their creations.”
‘Happy festival of Easter’

“Easter is in event which provide a chance to thanks our God, Jesus Christ give his sacrifice for our sins.”
‘Happy occasion of Easter’

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