Happy Easter Sunday Status Images with Greetings Quotes

Basically the word Easter is come from a Latin word Pascha or a German word Passover. The exact source of word “Easter” is not clear. Some says, it is come from pagan origins or religious origins. Some historians or researchers described that it is derived from a phrase hebdomada alba. Moreover, The word Easter may come from “east” which is an old German word, or it may came from a Latin word “dawn”. There is no person who know the accurate source of the word Easter. However, it is one of the oldest English word.

According to Christian calendar Easter is the most significant day. After the good Friday Easter Sunday is celebrated for the Jesus Christ resurrection according to their Holy book (The Jesus). The resurrection indicates the prevail of good over sin, death, evil and physical body.

It is celebrated on full moon in the month of spring. The date of Easter Sunday is not fixed. The date may change every year according to full moon of month. This year it is celebrated on 21st March

“The Happy news is that he is grow did not change the present words. Still ahead us lie sacrifice, work and discipline. But the reality is that the event of Easter provide us the spiritual power to do a job, make the sacrifice and adopt the discipline.”
‘Happy the occasion of Easter

“The Hope is a major gift of Easter, Christians believed on God confidence, in his love and goodness, and in his extreme glory, which nobody can shake.”
‘Happy Easter Sunday’

“The event of Easter provide a moment of joy, forgiving everyone, be thankful, therefore by doing this, life expand like the soil of Earth.”
‘Happy Easter Sunday’

“But from this dust, this earth, this grave, I trust that my Lord shall grow me up.”
‘Easter Sunday’

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Easter Day Status Images with Quotes Messages

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