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The most influential festival in the religion of Christianity. There are many Christians all over the world who celebrate good Friday before the celebration of Easter Sunday.

What is Good Friday:

It celebrates crucifixion, death and Christ passion, which is mentioned in the book of Bible. A national holiday is celebrated by various countries on Friday before festival of Easter. Sometime the holiday of good Friday is an optional. The date of Good Friday is between 28th to March 23rd April, The date of Good Friday may fluctuate according to calendar the Easter day is come after 2 days of food Friday.

According to holiday and employment laws some employees are allowed to select a few number Holidays from their optional holidays. Therefore, some employees may select off day on Friday but most of the business and offices may remain opened.

Why Good Friday known as Good Friday

“May God bring Peace and happiness to your heart and bless new life.”
‘Happy good Friday’

“May good Friday start with prayers and fasting because we want the mercy of God and forgiveness of our sins. Let’s pray together.”
‘Blessing of good Friday’

“Death is the argument of all the manners of Christian, the last conclusion of all his immolation, The contact of great Master which conclude the picture.”
‘Good Friday’

“No pain, no throne, no palm, no glory, no thorns, no gall. no crown, no cross.”
‘Happy blessed Friday’

“May the kindness and loving of the Lord remain with you forever.”
‘Have a Good Friday’

“Happy Good Friday is a day for someone to memorize our defender who died for us on the cross.”
‘The blessing of good Friday’

“I pray to God, May he will keep you in his blessing and care always.”
‘Happy Good Friday’

“May the sun will rise to remove all the darkness of the night with positive expectation.”
‘Have a Good Friday’

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