Good Friday Morning Greeting ecards with Wishes Messages

Good Friday is an important day in a year for religion of Christians because they celebrate the most crucial weekend in the world history. Christians have believed that where the Jesus died and raised, the resurrection and cross of Jesus to be the conclusive turning point for all religions.

Why Christians use the term Good Friday on the death Jesus instead of Bad Friday? Therefore, according to German Christians this day is known as Sorrowful or Karfreitag Friday, according to English the root of the term Good Friday’ is debated while some other believe that the term good Friday is developed from God’s Friday. In case of origin, The term good Friday is totally suitable because the death and suffering of Jesus is terrible which is marked by God’s to save his creation from their evils.

The Christians celebrate good Friday before Easter Sunday. This event really gives joy and happiness to memorize Jesus. On this day a national holiday is celebrated which gives time to worship. The government offices, banks, insurance offices etc. are closed on this day.

“Erecting churches and stoning prophets to their retention letter has been the way of the whole world through the ages, therefore, we reverence Christ.”
‘Happy Good Friday’

“Our God has written resurrection promise, not only in books but also so in every springtime leaf.”
‘Very blessed Friday’

“I am wishing you that you are blessed with kindliness of Good Friday.”
‘Humble Good Friday

“Our dear Jesus, we may remembering you every day for your sacrifices bearing and made our sins.”
‘Happy Friday’

“May the blessing of God brightening upon you on this divine day and and may these brightening remains on you forever.”
‘Happy Holy Friday’

“Our Jesus will listen every prayers of us on this happy day. wishing you a Holy Friday.”
‘Happy Holy Friday’

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Akmal Ameer Gohar

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