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Easter Sunday is also known by some other names such as Resurrection Sunday or Pascha Sunday which is a of festival of Christians to memorize the Jesus Christ resurrection. After 3 days of crucification the Easter festival is celebrated. The week in which Easter is commemorated is known as Holy week. The traditions of Easter may very through out the world such as Paschal greeting, decorating eggs of Easter, sunrises services and clipping the church. There are some extra customs which are associate with Easter like Easter Bunnies, Easter Parades and eggs hunting which are filled with sweets & chocolates and distributed among children’s on Easter morning.

The major belief of the Christian is that Jesus Christ is the son of God, so they memorize the Jesus resurrection. The person who faith on the death of Jesus Christ and resurrection, the death of Jesus indicated the victory. The date of Easter may each year according to seasons and cycle of the sun, therefore it is called moveable feast. The festival of Easter date is determined according to the calendar of lunisolar that is similar to calendar of Hebrew. This festival is also celebrated with national spirit worldwide.

“The basic source of apologize for Christians is Jesus- He’s crucifixion, his exemplification, his resurrection and his life.”
‘Happy Easter Sunday’

“May our Lord forgive our sins on this day and give happiness, joy and peace in our life which remain forever.”
‘Happy occasion of Easter’

“A person loved the created cages and the birds while God loved the invented trees and the birds.”
‘Happy Easter festival’

“There is inverse relation between Jesus Christ and us, Jesus died & lived while we live and died.”
‘Happy Resurrection Day’

“The Easter spirit included joyful living, hope and love. May this Easter will bring more happiness for you.”

“No throne, no cross, no pain, no thorns, no crown, no Palm, no glory and no gall.”
‘Easter Sunday’

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