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The story of Easter is narrated in the Holy book (The Bible) that how Roman authorities arrested Jesus because he alleged to be God son’s and later crucified. After 3 days of his resurrection an occasion of Easter occurs. Christians commemorate this event in the memory of resurrection of Jesus Christ’s.

Easter is a festival which is commemorated for the coming of Jesus in Jerusalem which is also known as Palm Sunday. Several churches starting the celebration of Easter in late Saturday hours by religious service that called Easter Vigil. Non-religious revelry contains Easter eggs tradition that represent birth and Easter Bunny and fertility that delivers sweets and chocolates to children’s on morning of Sunday.

“The Easter is confirmation of God that lives is substantially timeliness and spiritual.”
‘Happy Palm Sunday’

“Love produce all goods easy while Faith produce all goods possible.”
‘Happy Easter Day’

“The real friend is a person who believe you are a great egg, even if you are broken.”
‘Happy Easter vigil’

“You may cut all kinds of flower but you could not hold spring from arrival.”
‘Happy Easter day’

“The day when Lord created all the things was most likely same as the day when he created spring.”
‘Happiness of Easter’

“Easter occasion is only the absolutely safe time when you put your all eggs in 1 bin.”
‘Happy joyful Easter’

“May the little flowers and chicks carry the happiness of spring in your life.”
‘Easter greeting’

When is Easter Day:

Brightly decorated eggs with sweets and eggs filled with chocolate are common tradition of gifts exchanging on occasion of Easter. Some illustration of non-religious tradition of Easter contains this is games like a egg decorating & egg rolling and a treasure hunt such as Easter eggs. Without there will be no Christmas.
‘Happy Easter Day’

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