Captain Mohammad Sarwar Shaheed

Mohammad Sarwar was born on 10 November 1910 in Village Sanghori, District Rawalpindi. His father ‘Raja Mohammad Hayat’ was also an army person. He took the education till Matric in the District of Faisalabad. He was commissioned in 2nd Punjab Regiment during 1944, and at the time of Establishment of Pakistan he promoted to the rank of Captain. In 1948 he enemy captured a sensitive place in Kashmir, and wanted to move on towards us. The task of stopping the enemy was entrusted to Captain Muhammad Sarwar’s Punjab Regiment۔ On 27 July 1948, he moved forward with his men, the enemy on the high peak began shelling with cannons and machine guns. But instead of retreating, the captain continued to move on. There was some obstruction due to the barbed wire around the enemy’s hideout, meanwhile a bullet went through his chests during continuous shelling from both sides, he embraced martyrdom.

Akmal Ameer Gohar

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