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Basically the idea of separate homeland is come from two nation theory which is firstly given by Sir syed Ahmed Khan. The two nation theory illustrate that Muslims and Hindus are two different nations. Muslims have their own traditions, culture, ideology, religion, language and morally different from the Hindu nation. Therefore, a separate homeland was created where the Muslims are in majority to protect Muslims, cultural, political and social rights. In a general session of Muslim league from 22nd March to 24th other parties and Muhammad Ali Jinnah rejected the United India idea.

Resolution of Pakistan passed at Minto Park which is later known by Iqbal Park. Pakistan attain Independence from Britain rule on the 14 August 1947. A symbol of Pakistan (Minar-e-Pakistan) was built in 31st October 1968 with estimated cost of Rs.7058,000. Pakistan attain Independence from Britain rule on the 14 August 1947.

23 march pakistan day flag

“The main responsibility of government is to sustain law and order therefore, property religious belief and life are its subjects which are protected by the government.”
‘Happy 23rd march’

“There are two main powers or authorities in whole world: The sword and pen. There is a high rivalry and competition between the two. A third authority is more stronger than these two that is woman.”
‘Happy commitment Day of Pakistan’

youm e pakistan day-23 march

“A nation develop more as they face troubles and give sacrifices.”
‘Happy resolution day’

23 march nature flag pakistan day

“We should have a government in which we could breathe and live as Free man and where we could grow according to our own culture and lights where Islamic principle social Justice could find free play.”
‘Happy Pakistan day’

“A nation will develop higher who care of time, the nation would destruct who don’t care of time. Time is power and time is money.”
‘Happy Pakistan day’

pakistan day dara e khaiber 23 march

“A nation will never destroy if the people remember the sacrifices of their elders.”
‘Happy 23rd March’

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23 March Pakistan Day Quotes with Status Wallpapers

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