23 March Greeting Cards for Wishes and status With SMS

The day of 23rd March is also known as Pakistan Day, Pakistan resolution day, Republic Day and Yaum-e-Pakistan. A national holiday is celebrated in the memory of Lahore resolution which is passed on March 23rd 1940. Yaum-e-Pakistan is celebrated on 23rd March 1940 to reject the concept of United India and proposed to create a new independence country for Muslims. 23rd march paved the way for the formation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in 14th August 1947 as an independent state. On the morning of 23rd March, civilian and military in Islamabad. On this occasion civilian and military salutes to their shohada who sacrifice your lives for Pakistan. National flag of Pakistan is flown on all government offices, WAPDA House, provisional Assembly railway stations, national Assembly and several government buildings. All government buildings are decorated with different colorful lights. On Resolution day, President of Pakistan present national medals and awards who are performing outstanding in their field.

“The country in which a person live is like a mother so it is necessary to care of it.”
‘Happy Yaum-e-Pakistan day’

“The slogan of our founder of Pakistan is work, work and work.”
‘Happy 23rd march

“Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah says that never lived as a person, live as a nation.”
‘Happy commitment day’

“Our failure Will become success if we learn from it.”
‘Pakistan Republic Day’

“Resistance becomes the duty of a person when inequality becomes law.”
‘Quotes of Yaum-e-Pakistan’

“People firstly ignore you, after that they laugh at you, then they all fight with you and then you will win.”
‘Happy the day of observance’

“The future of a person depend on what are they doing now.”
‘happy day of Resolution’

“Failure is not the game is over, its means that try again with new charge. In other words Failure is the first stair of success.”
‘Happy 23rd March’

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